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The Haven is shut until further notice'



‘Feeling calm and peaceful, we meet life from an easier place
than when feeling agitated and anxious’.




‘Yoga Immersion’ Masterclass
Running on selected dates only

Hatha Yoga (intermediate)


Hatha Yoga (intermediate)

Hatha Yoga (gentle/beginners)

Hatha Yoga (intermediate)


Hatha Yoga (mixed abilities)

‘An introduction to yoga’ (11-17yrs)

Hatha Yoga (gentle/beginners)


Hatha Yoga (mixed abilities)

Hatha Yoga (mixed abilities)


Hatha Yoga (intermediate)

Hatha Yoga (mixed abilities)


Restorative class with Pranayama & Meditation
Running on selected dates only


Cost: daytime (90 mins) £15 drop in / evening (60 mins) £13 drop in
£9 for children / full time students
Yoga Immersion Masterclass £20

Restorative class with Pranayama & Meditation £20


Regular students can prepay for a block of classes which works out cheaper, but no refunds are given if a class is missed. Dropping in is subject to availability. Priority booking is given to students able to commit to regular attendance.
A 24-hour cancellation notice is required if dropping in to avoid cancellation charges.

Class description:

All classes include Asana (posture), breathing and relaxation.

    • An Introduction to yoga (11-17 yrs) : this class is for teens & tweens and it provides an age-appropriate introduction to yoga. The class is ideal to counteract the stresses and pressures that kids often face.  Once the child turns 18, they can join an adult class.
    • Gentle/beginners: a slow and gentle yoga class at the end of a busy day. This is ideal for newcomers, students with medical conditions and/or injuries who may need to take things easy  and/ or individuals who are  looking to unwind at the end of a stressful day. All are welcome to this class.
    • Mixed abilities: as the name suggests this class is suitable for everyone regardless of previous yoga experience or lack of it. It can easily accommodate beginners as well as more seasoned practitioners. Alternative postures and modifications are offered to suit different levels of abilities.
    • Intermediate : a strong and dynamic yoga class. Flowing sequences of Asanas are favored and more challenging Asanas are regularly practised. This class is suitable for yoga students who have a minimum of 2 years regular and consistent yoga practice and are looking for a more vigorous class.
    • Yoga Immersion Masterclass : this is ideal for seasoned yoga practitioner with 3+ years of regular yoga practice, yoga teachers and trainee teachers. Every Masterclass has a different theme which is explored in depth. It runs on selected dates only.
    • Restorative class with Pranayama & Meditation: the ideal class at the end of a busy week. One hour is dedicated to restorative postures, 25 minutes to the practice of breathing or Pranayama, another 25 minutes to meditation, finishing with a 10 minutes’ relaxation. This is a stress-busting class. No yoga experience necessary. It is suitable for everyone. It runs on selected dates only.

        The classes tend to run with the school term. Sometimes a reduced timetable is offered during school holidays. The max. no of students per class is 5! This means that you will get lots of personal attention and individual coaching. For this reason all classes (including drop ins) must be booked in advance.
        Bookings:  Tel.  07905 509869 or e-mail: to book your trial class.

        The best way to keep in touch is on social media through FB or Instagram.

        Bespoke yoga lessons can be arranged. Please enquire directly.

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