Sospeso is a wooden carving suspended from shipping rope,
signifying the fact that we may not make it alone.

wooden carving





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Cornelius Guiste

I was born in London in 1962, as one of seven children to mixed parents. My mother was a native of South Wales, and my father born and raised in Dominica, the Caribbean Island. As a result there has never been a lack of interesting and varied people around me. The interesting mix of cultures has produced in me an eclectic band of ideas and influences that are now in much use in my works. I express the things that I feel, as my life develops, knowing that many of them are common to other people. It is more true to say that my work is simply born of life and the spirit that lives therein. I studied at Kingsway College for my Foundation in Sculpture, culminating in my attending Central St. Martins' College of Art between 1990 - 93, where I gained my BA (Hons) in Fine Art Sculpture. 


drink of tears



drink of tears dream of peace hands on earth burning bridges stampede of water angels breathe thought, wood carving thought, reverse calvary walk dual 1 dual 2 canoe owl and the pussycat mask praying for rain